Conspiracy Theory, Proof Discovered In 2016

Conspiracy theorists feel that there is proof that the collapse of the twin towers was the result of a controlled explosion that occurred on the fateful day of 11th September 2001. This theory was brought up by conspiracy theorists who felt that this was the true reason behind the horrific attack that was staged. Indeed, conspiracy theorists claim, even in 2016, that they have new proof to stand by the theory that the attacks happened as a result of a controlled explosion. On this fateful day, the North and south towers collapsed after two plane crashes occurred that brought these two towers of the World Trade Center to the ground. The photographs and videos that were captured during this incident have remained iconic evidence of the incident.

The terrorist attack claimed thousands of lives. There was another plane that crashed and damaged the Pentagon, leading to several people losing their lives, as well as several others, were injured. However, among the several theories that were speculated about as to who was really behind the attacks, there is a theory that is convinced that the US government it brought down the towers as a controlled demolition effect.

There is a video that showcases the difference of how a collapse would occur as compared to when two buildings are destroyed as a controlled explosion effect. The video is available on YouTube and based on the differences shown many conspiracy theorists stand by their theory that the twin towers were brought down by the US government themselves. The conspiracy theorists had put forward this theory as soon as the incident had occurred, but at that time there was evidence shown that the collapse was due to the fire that broke out. The video that tries to establish the alternate truth states that jet fuel cannot melt or affect steel beams that form the underlying structures of the buildings. Hence, for those who refuse to believe that jet fuel could have started a fire that collapsed both these towers, the alternate explanation is even more bizarre.

The controlled explosion theory rests its case on certain supportive arguments such as fires that might have been caused by jet fuel could not have been hot enough to make steel structures buckle. Again, there are sprinklers installed in such high buildings that usually prevent the fire from reaching high temperatures. Flame proof materials are also used to make high rise buildings which make such sustained collapse not feasible.