Accusations That Are Rife About 9/11 Attacks

It is known that Al-Qaeda had suicide operatives who hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 as well as United Airlines Flight 175. This led to the fall of the twin towers of the World Trade Center as well as the American Airlines Flight 77 which flew into Pentagon the same day, a few minutes apart from the other flights. The result was fire and impact as well as the chaos that resulted, not to mention the large-scale fall of property and loss of lives that resulted from these impacts. While the Twin Towers collapsed, resulting in the death of several thousands of people, the Pentagon was impacted as well; there was a fourth plane that was also targeted towards Pentagon, which was a strike that was averted when the passengers gained control of the flight and did not let it meet its target.

Rife The conspiracy theories that are rife with these attacks include one theory about how knowledge about these forthcoming attacks was known, but that the higher authorities deliberately ignored such knowledge. Pre attack warnings must have existed, but probably adequate communication was not made between the intelligence communities and law enforcement authorities. This lack of communication between the agencies led to several accusations of bureaucratic inertia. Several laws were later passed as a result of the accusations that the US administration received when they were unable to thwart such attacks.

There were several sources that backed up such views such as Purdue University study carried out by several scientists, articles that were released in different magazines as well as new media that also issued similar broadcasts. Even government investigations later revealed that the FBI and other institutes did lack certain vigilance which support such accusations made against the US government regarding the 9/11 attacks in 2001.


Conspiracy Theories Of September 11th 2001 Attacks

Conspiracy theories about the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the US are several. These are all attributed to understanding how these attacks were planned and executed. These theories go beyond the knowledge of the al Qaeda terrorist group whose responsibility was made evident later on. There is much debate about the attacks and whether the high-level government authorities in the US had the prior know-how on such attacks. There are several theories that have been formed though not all have been reviewed or undergone investigations by the government.

Those who have proposed these theories feel that there are inconsistencies in the conclusions that were made by the official authorities. They also feel that some evidence was overlooked or ignored about these attacks.

Among the several conspiracy theories, the one that is most prominent is how the collapse of the World Trade Center and the Twin Towers was a controlled demolition attempt.  Even if the collapse as seen was brought about by the impact of the colliding airplanes and fire that resulted, many believe that it could have been planned from within. For instance, the hit on the Pentagon that is a highly protected landmark was probably initiated from inside the US government. A commercial airliner was probably allowed to do so as the American military and their vigilance was put down at such a time.


Conspiracy theorists have several other rife notions to suggest as well. For instance, it is felt that the invasions that the US did in Iraq and Afghanistan led to the retaliatory attacks on the US. The invasions of these countries were done on grounds of laying a natural gas pipeline that needed to go through Afghanistan. Many theorists are convinced that authorities in the US had advance knowledge that such attacks might be planned, but they were ignored or passive assistance was provided for these attacks to be successful.

The independent reviews that were conducted do not support these theories, however. There were independent bodies who conducted reviews after the disasters happened. For instance, the National Institute of Standards and Technology investigated the claims that were made by several conspiracy theorists regarding the 9/11 attacks. There were reviews done by the civil engineering experts that proved that jet aircraft that flew in at high speed had created the impact which in turn led to the demolition and fires that broke out. Hence, the collapse of the Twin Towers was reviewed and concluded to be a result of the impact created by the flown in airplanes. However, many are reluctant to believe that, US authorities at the highest level as well as the militia was ignorant of such forthcoming attacks. Hence, the possibilities that there was inside knowledge, but it was overlooked are hard to put aside. In the light of such views, it is ironical that the power games that higher authorities play results in the loss of millions of innocent lives of people who have no right to be made pawns in the hands of world political leaders who choose to play God.

Conspiracy Theory, Proof Discovered In 2016

Conspiracy theorists feel that there is proof that the collapse of the twin towers was the result of a controlled explosion that occurred on the fateful day of 11th September 2001. This theory was brought up by conspiracy theorists who felt that this was the true reason behind the horrific attack that was staged. Indeed, conspiracy theorists claim, even in 2016, that they have new proof to stand by the theory that the attacks happened as a result of a controlled explosion. On this fateful day, the North and south towers collapsed after two plane crashes occurred that brought these two towers of the World Trade Center to the ground. The photographs and videos that were captured during this incident have remained iconic evidence of the incident.

The terrorist attack claimed thousands of lives. There was another plane that crashed and damaged the Pentagon, leading to several people losing their lives, as well as several others, were injured. However, among the several theories that were speculated about as to who was really behind the attacks, there is a theory that is convinced that the US government it brought down the towers as a controlled demolition effect.

There is a video that showcases the difference of how a collapse would occur as compared to when two buildings are destroyed as a controlled explosion effect. The video is available on YouTube and based on the differences shown many conspiracy theorists stand by their theory that the twin towers were brought down by the US government themselves. The conspiracy theorists had put forward this theory as soon as the incident had occurred, but at that time there was evidence shown that the collapse was due to the fire that broke out. The video that tries to establish the alternate truth states that jet fuel cannot melt or affect steel beams that form the underlying structures of the buildings. Hence, for those who refuse to believe that jet fuel could have started a fire that collapsed both these towers, the alternate explanation is even more bizarre.

The controlled explosion theory rests its case on certain supportive arguments such as fires that might have been caused by jet fuel could not have been hot enough to make steel structures buckle. Again, there are sprinklers installed in such high buildings that usually prevent the fire from reaching high temperatures. Flame proof materials are also used to make high rise buildings which make such sustained collapse not feasible.

Interesting Facts Of September 11th, 2001

The morning of September 11th, 2001 was bright and crisp, which was shattered by a sudden attack by terrorists. It was a fateful Tuesday, the morning of which saw the first attack come by when a plane was flying right into the World Trade Center in the city of New York. The time was September 11th, 2001 around 8.46 am as per Eastern standard time in the country. The American Airlines flight 11 was dashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. The initial reaction of many was that it was an accident, a simple error made by the pilot. As the crash hit the news in different channels and photographers and journalists came to capture the scene, there were billowing smoke and flame as well as bodies of people who had to plunge to their deaths when they were trapped inside the building. Journalists, as well as everyday people, were filming, capturing the scenes and watching the skies when another plane flew in and hit the south tower around 9.02 am.

September 11th, 2001The shock of the first strike was hardly absorbed when a second strike came from. Indeed, it was later revealed that another plane had been headed towards Washington around 9.37 am. The passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 started to receive phone calls that their flight might be hijacked and were informed of the earlier attacks. The people aboard this flight did not allow the hijacked plane to hit Washington but forced it to change course and it crashed in a field close to Shanksville instead of hitting Washington DC as was the intended target.

There were several theories that were later formed and different information that was received about these attacks, how they were formed and other effects. One interesting fact is about Ben Sliney. It was his first day as National Operations Manager at Federal Aviation Administration. He ordered a ground stop across the country. The prompt decision that he took helped to ground all planes within a span of two hours. This was definitely a prompted and decisive move he made when there could have been other planes moving under the instructions of hijackers if they were allowed to fly. This decision was taken by Sliney as he had been a traffic controller and supervisors before, having managed air traffic in his previous career roles. Later on, he played a small role in the film called United 93 that was shot in 2006.